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Nowadays most of your attendees own a smartphone. They use it daily to easily share and find information.
An event, because of its short duration, needs constant optimization of communication to offer attendees an efficient and convenient experience.
On a very competitive market, your event must be the first of its category, and to perfect its image, a professional mobile application is now an absolute must!
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Three easy steps

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, GoomeoEvents allows you to realize the mobile application that best suits your event.

Offer your advertisers an unmatched visibility, integrate the application at the heart of your communication strategy (poster, dedicated newsletter, web site, social networks...)

Change the content and design on the fly. Communicate in real time with your attendees and social networks. Access accurate and thorough statistics on your application's usage.

Latest applications

Espace Pierre Cardin
Du 10-08-14
Au 10-09-14

Doha Exhibition...
Du 10-20-14
Au 10-22-14

ADF 2012
Palais des congrès
Du 11-27-12
Au 12-01-12

SIMEU 2014
Centro Congressi...
Du 11-06-14
Au 11-08-14


GoomeoEvents mobile applications are designed to deliver information to your attendees by the mean of customizable application modules. GoomeoEvents web service allows you to easily compose and manage its content in real time and offers thorough statistics of usage.

Practical information Exhibitors Schedule My visit Speakers Products catalog Medias Ticket booth QR code News And more to come soon ...

Technical specifications

Cross-platform......BlackBerry 5.0+, Android 2.1+, iPhone 3.0+, iPad 1&2, Windows Phone7 et webApp.
Languages......English, French, German.
Customization......backgrounds, colors, icons… import from your Excel files (contacts, schedule…)
Social networks......Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn cards exchange
Medias......YouTube, Dailymotion, pictures (PNG, JPEG), files (Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint)
Management......real time edition
Follow-up......thorough statistics with geolocation (downloads, usage...)
Offline mode......offline mode support (when network connection is unavailable) of advertising campaigns

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